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The coalition of Muslims and Tamils is a Sri Lanka based organization-comprising Muslim and Tamil identified persons who as a general principle are committed to pluralism and social justice in all its forms. Specifically, we are committed to the peaceful coexistence of Muslims and Tamils in the country, particularly in the north and east, and to a just and equitable solution to the ethnic conflict. We can be contacted at:

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Kethesh Loganathan : His life and death shall not be in vain

We remember Kethesh Loganathan today, with great sadness, perhaps with even greater sadness than that sad day of 12th, August, 2006. Kethesh had fought hard for decades for a life free of violence, a land free of discrimination for the minorities, of inter-ethnic harmony and coexistence. .

He worked hard toward this, where ever he was, in whatever position, whether it be as a founder member of the EPRLF, as co-Director of Centre for Policy Alternatives, or as the secretary of the Peace Secretariat. He worked hard for a negotiated settlement, against child conscription, against military excesses and against the myopic and fanatical nationalism of the LTTE. He longed for peace and he died dreaming of it.

His life and death shall not be in vain. As the coalition of Muslims and Tamils, we hope that all of us who long for peace and democracy can come together to make that dream come true.

We will remember Kethesh again and again and in remembering renew our pledge for solidarity with the people of Sri Lanka who long for peace, who have lost dear ones, the youth, Tamil, Muslim and Sinhala, who are being forced into fighting a meaningless war against one another, the displaced in their abject state of homelessness and all the people who have stood together in the darkest moments of our country’s history of loss and hoplessness. We remember Kethesh so that we may raise our collective voice against the violence permeating our lives, that his memory may give us the courage to struggle on for peace in this country.

Coalition of Muslims and Tamils for Peace and Coexistence in the East


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